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4.WALLS is a maker space and art/design collaborative seeking to share creations, foment creativity and connect creators by hosting artists and designers from all backgrounds – students and professionals- in the 4.WALLS maker space.

4.WALLS is managed by architect and urban planner Adriana Navarro-Sertich, and artist/sculpture and marketer par excellence Meggan Rees Eckert.

. Adriana Navarro-Sertich: Adriana is a bamboo enthusiast and passionate about design. She is the founder and principal of urbanSEED, a design, planning and development studio. Adriana’s work reflects a strong desire to apply both architecture and planning to enact positive change in societies. As a designer, she values working at multiple scales, and establishing integrated and multidisciplinary processes that can lead to context appropriate, long-term sustainable, and innovating results. Her art  and smaller scale creations reflect some of the same values in their process.

. Meggan Rees Eckert: Using drawing, painting, sculpture, and multimedia, Meggan’s work explores objects and moments to compare their properties and involvement in space. Aside from her passion in art, Meggan is an avid and skilled soccer player, she coaches girls soccer clubs, and enjoys teaching, collaborating and sharing. More on her work HERE.


We are excited to announce that 4.WALLS will be hosting two great artists in the space:

. Jennifer Cox

. Alexander Galicki